GoFun Places Review – GoFun Rewards Review


By now most people that were either in Zeek, Bidify, or other companies that have or had a similar revenue sharing model are aware of the pre launch of GoFun Places /GoFun Rewards or at least should be in the know!  Well as of today September 20, 2012 there are over 2 million people that have per-registered on www.getprelaunch.com for the upcoming debut of this giant of a company GFP/GFR.  I must say that it is very exciting to see this thing evolve from the ground up as I personally have not been a part of too many official launches especially not one as big as this one will be.  Mark my words it will be one of the biggest if not the biggest in MLM history.

You may ask yourself why this company and why not another company, right?  Well part of this has to do with 3 components in my opinion 1. timing, 2. the niche (travel – 7 Trillion Dollar Industry), and 3. the compensation structure (Revenue Sharing Model).  From a timing aspect it could not be better as with the recent closure of Zeek you have to wonder where all of those affiliates will go after all some for the first time in their entire life have never known such a model to exist (the Industry of Network Marketing).   Also because of this very fact that the affiliates in my opinion had been spoiled or used to a certain tasks that were able to be performed by even the most challenged, it opened up the door for the average person to finally make money.   Where Zeek failed in my opinion is that they did not have all of their I’s dotted and T’s crossed, as they really grew too damn fast!  That is really an understatement to say the least.

How many companies in any industry do you know of that within less than 2 years generated the type of buzz, revenue, and affiliates that Zeek did in such a short period of time regardless of how you feel about the outcome?  Not many that I know of and I really don’t know of any at all to be frank!  See in order to understand why what is happening before our very eyes with GoFun Places /GoFun Rewards we had to start at the beginning which is with a company that came before them to fully understand the shift that is happening now!  All along before Zeek crashed and burned the Principal owners of GoFunPlaces/GoFunRewards were taking notice of the explosion happening with Zeek as were many.  GFP/GFR would have actually launched sooner if it wasn’t for the regulatory problems that Zeek had ran into which caused them to make the necessary adjustments so that if someone ever did look at them (GFP/GFR) to make sure that they were compliant that it would not be an issue.

So here we are 66 days into the pre-prelaunch of Go Fun Places /Go Fun Rewards looking at possibly another run at a company that stands on the brink to make history.  I want you to think for a moment that if GoFun Places /GoFun Rewards stands the test of time that they will no doubt achieve the goal set out by the Principal owners and that is to be the # 1 Travel, Leisure, and Lifestyle Destination Online provider!  Now will this happen right away, no!  However, with only a handful of the 2 million that per-registered I am sure that we all together can do something to move this company closer and closer to that goal.

 I have no doubt that within 2 years this company will have over 2 million free and paid affiliates and that there will be a lot of 6 and 7 figures earners traveling the globe.  Will you be one of them?  Well that depends on you getting started and making the decision to be proactive.

As I have stated in previous posts and videos that a lot of people will watch from a distance and watch others make a ton of life changing income while the people who see this for what is get busy in the early stages and plant their seeds now.  The big question is where do you see yourself?  Mind you this is a start-up venture and just like in any business there are risk, but no risk no reward, right!  You have to be prepared for the worst case scenario at all times when it comes to parting ways with your money when starting a business as businesses even the best of them fail.   As with the stock market, real estate, or any  other business there are no guarantees, period!  (Now as a disclaimer Go Fun Places/Go Fun Rewards doesn’t sell, issue, or offer stocks, securities, shares, investments as they are a travel, leisure, and lifestyle company that sells memberships that allow you to purchase different travel, leisure, and lifestyle packages).

With all of this being said there will always be naysayers or those that question everything but if a company such as Go Fun Places / Go Fun Rewards has a real product, with real customers making purchases, and a real company (eAdgear) backing them with a solid foundation I would say that they are definitely starting off on the right foot.  

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